About our School

Mangonui School opened in 1858 on this site. Part of the original school is still in use today as the school library. It has a lovely view past neighbouring historic St. Andrews church and over the upper reaches of Mangonui Harbour.

Mangonui School is a great school of which the community is very proud. Since the introduction of “Tomorrow’s Schools”, Mangonui School has managed to utilise available funding to enhance and develop the school grounds and environment. The school is situated in one of Mangonui’s prime real estate positions, sitting in a bush setting with beautiful harbour views.

The school has a swimming pool, two tennis courts, field area, large new playground, newly concreted court area, a seating area which has been designed to include a stage. The bush area is also available as a play area for the children. We also have a wonderful sandpit which has been shaded.

Doubtless Bay is a fast growing area. The charm and peace of this busy fishing port obviously hold a great attraction for those weary of city life.

The children are delightful. They come from a wide range of backgrounds.

The community is very supportive but at the same time expects a high standard from its school. The socioeconomic range within the community is very wide-ranging, from those on benefits through to accountants and small business owners.

There are at present seven classrooms.The teaching staff are all experienced and very competent. They are dedicated to the children and the provision of quality education. They are forward thinkers who are always keen to find out about new trends in education and incorporate them in their programmes.

Learning Environment

We have created a learning environment which allows every child to reach their potential:

  • safe and caring environment
  • zero tolerance for bullying
  • commitment to small class sizes
  • variety of playing fields including netball court
  • an extensive multi-media library of the latest titles – all computer cataloged
  • interactive boards in all classrooms
  • stimulating and attractive classrooms
  • changing display of children’s artwork
  • outdoor assembly area
  • shade play areas and sun shades
  • integration of ICT using tablets, netbooks and chromebooks
  • swimming pool
  • sandpit
  • adventure playground
  • regenerating native bush area – students learn about conservation values
  • design features by local artists
  • regular ‘Duffy’ assemblies and theatre where celebrities and sporting personalities visit to encourage good reading habits
  • Modern Learning – 21st Century – Classroom programmes are based around teaching our students to learn. The emphasis is on the students been in the drivers seat of their learning.


Small Beginnings


School photo 1904 : Alfred Ballance (standing at left) was Headmaster from 1881 to 1912

  • The original Mangonui school was established with approx. 12 students in January 1858 – sited in what is now the St. Andrews Church building
  • In 1870, the school shifted to a building in Tasman Street (still in existence), which the Mangonui County Council met in after hours
  • The school relocated to its present site in Mould Street in 1884. That building is today the school library. In 1984 the street was renamed Colonel Mould Drive
  • A new classroom was urgently needed by 1949, and was duly opened in December 1950
  • In 1972, the school was upgraded to three teacher status. A 1981 refurbishment included a resource room, admin. room, sick bay and new toilet block
  • Classrooms and facilities continued to be added over the years including a swimming pool, and artworks by local artisans
  • The new stage area to share learning was opened in 2012
  • 2013 we are upgrading our senior playground and several of our classrooms.