Enrolling as a New Entrant at Mangonui School

Starting the journey at school is a big step both for the student and whanau. We want to make that transition from Early Childhood Learning to Mangonui School as smooth as possible. This starts with school visits that can be arranged at the school office with Angela or you can contact Petrina Yuretich the new entrant classroom teacher. We are flexible as to what day your child visits but do set aside Thursday as a visitor day. How many times you visit is totally up to the whanau of the child. We suggest  a minimum of four visits but we are flexible with this. How long your child stays on visiting day is again upto the parent/ caregiver. You know your child best and what suits them. At this stage we ask that you complete the enrolment forms. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions that you have. Angela in the front office is a good person to ask.

Before your child starts you will receive a letter from one of our senior students who will be kaitiaki of your child.  They will meet them when they start, do reading with them each day and catch up with them to make sure they are OK during break and lunchtime. We want your child to have great start at Mangonui School.

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