Enrolling as a New Entrant at Mangonui School

We are excited about you considering our school for your child’s journey through Primary School.  One of the many reasons that Mangonui School is a great choice is that we are a Primary School and only have Year 1-6 students. This does help create a very safe environment for our children to grow without the pressure of older students.

The Pukeko Class has a mixture of ‘Learning Through Play’ (similar to Kindergarten) and a more traditional structured programme.. Children learn naturally through play and it is crucial to their social, emotional and cognitive development. Brain research in regard to play is still new but important points have been found;

“Play provides active exploration that assists in building and strengthening brain pathways. Play creates a brain that has increased flexibility and improved potential for learning later in life.” (Lester & Russell, 2008, p.9). We hope that this mix will make for a smoother transition from early childhood to school.

When you enrol your child at Mangonui School a senior student will become their kaitiaki/mentor. They will check in on them during breaks and also visit them in the classroom. It is really important that your child has a happy start here at Mangonui School.

Enrolling your child into Mangonui School is an easy process. There are however a number of forms that we need you to read and sign (if you agree).

Play to Learn Pamphlet

Enrolment Forms

Stationery & Fees

School Welcome Booklet