Reporting to Parents

National Standards

Mangonui School has been working with the Ministry of Education to fully implement the National Standards. Teaching staff have attended regular professional development to ensure that we are using them correctly.

How is your child assessed using the National Standards?

The Ministry of Education (MOE) suggest school use an Overall Teacher Judgment to make a decision on where a learner is working at. An OTJ means that a teacher must consider (Teacher Observation, Teacher Conversation with the learner and data from testing). This overall picture gives the teacher a good idea on how a learner is performing against the National Standards.

Teachers also ‘moderate’ their results with other teachers and sometimes other schools to try and ensure consistency.

How will the school report to parents?

Legislation states that schools must report twice a year and that it is clear and easy to understand.

We have two reports:

End of Year – After 1 Year, After 2 Years and After 3 Years. On the anniversary of your childs 1st, 2nd and 3rd years at school you will receive a report that tells you if your child has meet the National Standard in Reading, Writing and Maths, Their next step, What you can do to help at home. You will also receive a Mid report (6 months) that will tell you how your child is progressing against the National Standards.

After Year4, Year5 and Year6 you receive a written report at Mid Year and End of Year.

We want to ensure our reporting process informs you clearly on how your child is doing at school and what we are doing to support your child.

To learn more about the national standards go to this website: