We made cheese roll-ups according to verbal instructions from our South Island teacher. They were very tasty so now the challenge for us, was to write this experience down as a recipe for others to follow. First finished with this superb effort was Bradley.

 CHEESE ROLLS                   

Goal: To make a delicious lunch snack.


1 loaf of sliced bread

1 packet of french onion soup

250 grams grated cheese

1 can of evaporated milk.


1. Grate 250 grams of tasty cheese. Tip it in a pot.

2. Pour in a tin of evaporated milk.

3.   Tip in a packet of french onion soup.

4.   Stir it all together until it looks a bit like porridge.

5.   Take it off the stove and leave it to set.

6.   While the mixture is cooling down, you cut the crusts off the bread.

7. Turn the grill on.

8. Spread the cheese on the bread.

9.    Roll up the bread.

10. Arrange the rolls on an oven  tray.

11. Place the oven tray in the oven.

12.    When one side is brown turn it over.

13 When the other side is brown take the rolls out.

14.     And eat it.20140613_024948 20140613_032316 20140609_121542 20140609_092411 20140609_092300