Read the following examples of persuasive writing to decide whether school students should have holidays during the year…….Or should there only be Christmas holidays with families taking a mid-year break when it suits their family.



We have three extraordinary reasons to convince you,why we shouldn’t have holidays.

We think we shouldn’t have holidays because we can get smarter by doing an extra month’s worth of work on maths, writing etc. That would make Mangonui kids smarter than any other kids in Northland.

Our next reason is that when we come to school we can spend more time with our friends. When I am at home, my brothers and sisters are always mean to me . At school my friends are always nice to me.

Our last reason is that our parents have to waste money on getting a babysitter. Sometimes it is hard finding a babysitter. It is scary for me because I do not know who is looking after me.

Now are you convinced that we shouldn’t have holidays?
You can’t say no.You can’t say maybe.You have to say yes.
By Brooke, Erica,Lyric


Holidays Are Fun.

We have some astonishing reasons why we should have holidays.

You should have holidays at the same time, because we can travel to other places without missing work that our class has been doing without us. We would feel stressed trying to catch up with our school work if our class has been doing challenging maths while we were away.

A mighty good reason is that in the holidays, we get time to sleep. We should have holidays because we get time to do mathletics and other  activities  when we want to, not when the teacher says.

Another clever idea is that we can finish tidying our toys or clothes or books. We can spend some more time with our family or we can go fishing and visiting.

Think hard about your decision. Always answer “Yes we want holidays!”

Jim, Patricia and Soli.


Holidays are Boring.

Don’t have holidays kids.Listen up now and you will be convinced.

We think we shouldn’t have holidays because we get to spend time with our friends at school. We get to play around on the playground and on the playground. We do the monkey bars and play on the flying fox. I do have lots of friends at school, but I don’t have many friends at home.

Here is our next important  message.  Our parents have to find a babysitter. In my family, my Mum and Dad have to go meetings and other things. My brother and sister have jobs as well. It is hard to find someone to look after us.

Here’s our last reason, so listen up. If we spend more time at school you will have more things to do and learn more. When I am at home I get quite bored. When you get smart then you will be a good learner. (Tip) You can learn how to read, write,do maths and last but not least,  type.

Are you convinced yet?  We know you are, so say yes now !!!!!

By Ben,Georgia,Paulyne.


 Holidays Are a NO, NO!

You absolutely need to believe our convincing reasons, why we shouldn’t have holidays.

Our first astonishing reason for not having holidays is because we could do more activities. We would have more time to not only do our ordinary work but you would do some fun activities like art and baking  with the class.

The next important reason is, that our mums and dads have to work and can’t look after us so we have to go to aunties and uncles. My mum has to get up early to drop me off and she gets late for work.

Our last classy reason is we shouldn’t have holidays because our mums get a bit grumpy. She will be relieved that you’re not at home because you can be a pain in the neck. When she asks you to do the dishes you say “No, because I am too busy.”

Did we convince you? We thought we did.

Tatum, Emma-Jane and Mena.


Holidays are Fun and Cool.

We definitely should have holidays. Read this now please, because there are reasons you need to know.

We  think we should have holidays because we need a break from school and kids. We need a break from learning for a little while.  We need holidays to go on adventures that we planned ages ago.

Our second reason is that in the holidays we can do stuff with our family. I like to go and see my nana and grandad. They live in Whangarei. When we go there my dad goes fast over the Kawakawa bridges. I like it at my nana and pop’s place because they have a big farm.

Our final reason is that when we have holidays we get more time at home and can help. We can clean our rooms, mow lawns and do the dishes.

This is why we need holidays. Holidays are fun, adventurous and super cool.

By Alexis, Bradley and Hendrix.

Holidays Are The Best.

We need more holidays. Kids lay back and listen to this.

We should have holidays because then we can spend time with our family doing fun activities. In my family we like going diving, and pig hunting, and doing exercise. You need holidays in the winter because it is the best time to go pig hunting.

Another reason we should have holidays is because teachers need to have a break because they  work hard and they get tired. Kids get tired of school work too. They need to rest.

Our final interesting idea about why we should have holidays is because you get to visit other places together at the same time. If you slack off and go on holiday whenever you want you won’t get your school work done.

We hope we hooked you in kiddos. So have a fantastic holiday because they are great fun to have.

By Ariki, Memphis and Will.