Smoking should be a No No

Are you brave to face the facts of smoking well if you are listen  up. I bet you did know that 13 people die a day from smoking!


Would you like to know what is in a Cigarette? well i can tell you.Guess what. There is tar,toilet cleaner, paint, lighter fuel,methanol  ,batteries,vinegar,poison,candle wax,barbecue lighter and nicotine

now do you think you will quit smoking?


Do you think smoking has health effects? Yes it does but what health effects?well if most people stop smoking there would be less people with Lung cancer.Did you know that 1,300 kiwis become blind from smoking. Most people who smoke inhale 4000 toxic fumes like Paint,Rat killer,Toilet cleaner,tar,methanol and hexamine.

now do you think you will quit smoking.


Do you smoke a whole pack of smokes a day for a whole year?well if you do it will cost you 7,300 dollars a year and if you you smoke for 10 years it will cost you 73,000 dollars. What if you smoke for 20 years it will cost 146,000 dollars! What about if you smoke for 30 years it will cost you 219,000 dollars!! Last but not least 40 years it will cost 292,000 dollars

now do you think you will quit smoking.


I think you should quit smoking today and make your community

smoke free.