Zoos Should Be banned.

How would you like it if you were taken from your natural habitat and thrown into a cage with a cold floor? If you think zoos should be banned hear me out.


Zoos are too small for some animals. Larger animals need more space to roam around. Because Polar bears have 1 million less space in the zoo and Elephants in the wild live more than 3 time as long as those kept in zoos. Tigers and lions have 18.000 times less space in zoos then they would in the wild. This is why zoos should be banned.


My next reason is some animals are in zoos and are dying before they should, like 40%  of lion cubs die before one month of age. In India there is a zoo called Bannerghatta in the last 4 months 273 animals died. But in Africa elephants in the wild live more than animals that are in the zoo.


Here is one more reason why zoos should be banned because surplus animals are killed for having too much babies. In 2006 the whole pack of wolves at Highland wildlife park were killed after this the whole social structure of the pack had broken down. And in 2005 two wolf cubs and an adult female were shot dead at Dartmoor wildlife zoo.


So have I convinced you that zoos should be banned.


By Sandy