We have been learning about our brain and ways to keep our brain safe.

We discussed that we only have one brain and that we need to look after it.

How do we look after our brain?

     –  wearing helmets, drinking water, eating sensibly, wearing hats,

So we thought it would be a great idea to create a helmet for a raw egg.

The idea was that they had to drop their egg from a meter height and see if they were

able to create a helmet to protect their egg from cracking.

Look what happened.


We thought about how to do this – We put our thinking caps on.

P1120367 P1120369 P1120363 P1120364 P1120365 P1120359 P1120360 P1120361


We created a helmet for our egg.

P1130017 P1130022 P1130021 P1130020 P1130018 P1130019


We dropped our eggs from a meter to see who had  made a safe helmet.


P1130033 P1130029 P1130031 P1130023 P1130025    P1130036


No one did – So we need to make sure we get suitable safe helmets or our brains or they might end up like these poor eggs.