We have had another busy week in Kowhai class.

We had a visit from Constable Joe and bus driver Andrew. They taught us the dos and don’ts on how to be bus and road safe. We thought it would be a good idea to make educational posters to inform others how to do this too, we started this today and we know so much about keeping our selves safe on the road! Constable Joe gave us paper police cars to make which turned out to be more challenging than they looked.

20130515_141215 20130515_141228 20130515_141241 20130515_141312

Two of our reading groups have been practicing a plays. Kowhai class are a great audience, we are all very respectful to the people preforming.


We have continued working on problem solving within our P.E unit. Today we had to untangle ourselves from a human knot. Some tamariki showed great leadership and the whole class participated in fantastic team work, resulting in both teams being successful. The photos of this are very entertaining.

20130517_120728 20130517_120626 20130517_120614 20130517_120611 20130517_120548 20130517_120534

We made rain gauges this afternoon; we did this so we could get correct measurements of how much rain we are getting at Mangonui school. We had to cut our bottles in half and tape them back together. We still have to add our measurements, and then it’s a matter of waiting for the rain and I’m sure that won’t be a problem.

20130517_152438 20130517_152510

Thanks Kowhai class for another fabulous week!