This week Tuatara finished the art work they started with Mrs Seddon. This has been an exercise in close observation, and completing  a piece of art over a number of sessions.

Tuatara are very proud of their work and showed it at assembly today.

Here is a group poem describing the palm trees as they looked on Friday.

Palm Tree Branches:  

twirling around and around, flopping over each other.                                     (Hunna)

swirling in the light wind,

with the ends of the leaves broken and split,                                                       (Memphis)

flop around and swish and sway.                                                                                (Darcae)

overlap and leaves are splitting and wrecked.                                                      (Rachel)

waving side to side and some are broken.                                                                 (Reef)

dangling like bells,

the leaves are wavy like wiggly water.                                                                      (Abigail)

drooping, making the leaves fall to the ground.                                                     (Rhania)

Broken leaves, with dead ends are damaged and dying.                                      (Shaia)