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After morning tea we had two visitors called Rixt and Kokopita. They came to our class to make lavender balm. It was fun. I feel like doing it again. I liked making lavender balm.

First we put half a cup of olive oil in a jar. Next we put the bees wax in. Then we added boiled water to the bowl that the jar was sitting in. After that we stirred the oil and the bees wax together. We had to stir it until the bees wax was all gone. Then Rixt put drops of  lavender into our jar, so we mixed it until it was smooth.

When we came back from P.E. the balm was set. We took it home to show to our parents. I used some of the balm when I got home. My mum used some as well.

I liked having Rixt in our classroom. I like the smell of lavender. It makes you sleepy. I like sleeping. It’s good for you.

Written by Shaia

June 6th 2013.

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