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Results for those in the Top Ten.

6 yrs: Kadin Taylor(9th)

7 yrs: Caige Peterson (1st)

Reef O’Donnell(3rd)

Memphis Waldron (7th)

Abigail Lee-Miller (3rd)

Paradise Tomars-Heta (5th)

8 yrs:    Maia Edwards (2nd)

Troy Wyatt ( 4th)


cross country 13 036

Determined to win.  Mangonui  students battling it out as people cheered. by Reef.

cross country 13 052 cross country 13 053

Huffing and puffing. Kids forcing themselves up the tiring hill. by Keira.

Fiery feet on stony, prickly hill. Mum cheered Jazmine on to keep her feet moving. by Jazmine

cross country 13 059


On fire. Mangonui kid determined  to win. by Awatea

cross country 13 035

The big race for Mangonui. Caige is sweating and puffing like a train going up a steep hill.

Fast and focused. Mangonui student sprinting up the colossal hill towards the finishing line.cross country 13 067

Up tiring hill.  Mangonui boy puffing, arms swinging and with a tired face at the Peria Cross Country.cross country 13 039