Why there should be no holidays!

 Do you want your kids to be smarter? Well that means there should be NO SCHOOL HOLIDAYS!

In the school holidays some of your parents have to work so that means they have to  find a holiday program which of course costs at least $20 a day for you go!.So if there were no school holidays your parents would send you to school as normal and they would have more money in the bank.

In the school holidays you play (which can be fun!) But  when you go back to school you forget your work and then you have to learn it all again which wastes your and your teachers precious time. This means you might not do as well as you could.

Every Wednesday Ashley comes in for sport and its heaps of fun! In the school holidays we don’t have Ashely to do awesome sports with.So you will get lazy and when it comes to Wednesday the students won’t remember how to play the games.

I hope after you have read these stories you will want the school holidays to STOP!

by Ivy