Always say yes to holiday



What do you think about kids stuck in classes and wishing they can go on holiday.

Then read this!!!!!

I believed that ……….

Most of the schools holidays are 2 weeks

long . Fourteen days of spending time with family by going camping , having fun and also knowing our parents better.How about that!!!

Our family can help us by work we struggle with at school like spelling ,maths and reading by giving us new strategies .


What if I tell you that your brain shrinks by working to long or too hard everyday.

So that’s why we have charming holidays by relaxing our brain to get ready for next term . By working too hard you also get tired faster.


You know that we can’t get pearl white snow up in North Land so we can experience it at somewhere else that has the lovely snow.

Would you love to see sky blue clean water at somewhere else but  North Land and take  photos to show your class and how it was?

Our teachers would love to see and hear the amazing stories that you wrote with brand new strategies to teach the class.


Now I just proved that kids can learn and also have fun in the fourteen holiday days.