Gangs Should be banned bro!!


They’re scary, they’re violent, THEY ARE KILLERS……… Do you know what point I am arguing? If you guessed ‘gangs’ you’re absolutely right.


I believe that gangs should not exist because It has been proved that 10,000 people die each year from gang violence in the USA. Do you want this happening in New Zealand? The number of gang related deaths has been increasing in recent years .So that is why gangs should be banned.


Secondly, in 2007 it was reported in the USA that there were 800,000 gang members (OMG,thats nearly 1 million people) within 30,000 gangs. So you have a very good chance of getting shot or even killed by one of these gangs. So hear me out, GANGS SHOULD BE BANNED!

Thirdly, do you really know what’s happening in your part of the world? No,i bet you don’t, but i do! In our streets there are gangs selling drugs and even stealing our expensive things so they can sell them for money and get more drugs.


 Do you really want your child to grow up and be a part of a repulsive gang where all they want to do is scare people or beat them up, or steal or doing dishonest things?

If you’re saying no, then you should agree with me that Gangs should be banned. Or else you will believe that that it is ok to kill, be violent and scare people. Do you want to have blood on your hands? I bet you don’t want that, so i suggest you agree with me if you don’t you are sure one crazy person so agree with me GANGS SHOULD BE BANNED!!!!!!!!!!!