Shark nets should be compulsory in New Zealand

Sharks could be dangerous to the people of New Zealand who swim in the water. If we had shark nets surrounding Coopers beach that would mean no more bronze whalers swimming into Coopers Beach and attacking innocent swimmers.

Baby sharks get hungry too.If there is not any fish around they would not mind biting you!   They do not hesitate to bite animals and humans.

Sharks can be dangerous to your health.  A bite from a shark can cause you to lose too a lot of  blood. You will pass out because of extreme blood loss.   Sharks can tear off parts of your body and you will bleed in the water and more sharks might come because of the smell of your blood.

Sharks can attack at any time.  Around 75 shark attacks are reported a year in Florida.   They have the most shark attacks.  Fear strikes people who see sharks.   Sharks need to be kept out of public swimming area’s.

Do you want to get eaten or attacked by a shark?   If you are swimming in shark infested waters like the ones in Florida I hope you do not get eaten.   We need shark nets so they cannot attack people.  If they do well just hope they do not die.

We need shark nets.  Shark nets protect the swimmers by making a barrier so the sharks cannot pass into the swimming area. We need a net.  I say we keep all swimmers safe while swimming in the ocean.  We need shark nets so we do not develop a shark country just like Florida.  Yikes I do not wanna get bitten, eaten or followed by a shark while I am swimming because they swim faster than me.

Thank you for listening i hope i convinced you to believe we need shark nets in New Zealand.

By Jazmine.