Mount Everest.  Icy winds blowing on my body almost turning me into a ice block.  Brightorange tent shining on my eyes like going to burn owww.  People climbing up the deep gully. Deep blue sky reaching over the ice mountain.  Freezing cold mountain the destructive mountain face is having a snow slide off the left side.

Freezing steam coming off the mountain impale the snow with my ice pick axe melted water slithering off my waterproof jacket.

Sharp copper rocks impale the pure white fluffy snow my laced snow boots protect and guard my sore toes.  Snow skids and slides as I climb up the mountain icy winds whip and burn my face I climb to the top the strong wind turbulence almost kick me off the mountain.  I hold my ground the strong wind is gone and I’m at the top.

Kenny and Jazmine                    File:Mt. Everest from Gokyo RiSunset at Mt. Everest