Celebration Assembly – July


Kowhai Class measure in cm’s.

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Funny Kids

Will, Emma-Jane, Revel and Patricia were being really funny on the whale especially Emma-Jane and Revel, they were being really funny kids.

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Tatum and Erica

Tatum and Erica are having fun on the old playgroud and Ariki is taking the photo.

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Miss V Screams

Miss V went down the slide, there was a puddle. Miss V screamed and jumped off the slide. Bradley and Ben both laughed!!

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Mangonui’s hangi

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Kowhai made tornados

We made tornados this afternoon to wrap up our weather Inquiry unit! 

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Mrs Holenby Teaching In Kowhai class today.

Kia ora whanau, Every Thursday I am out of the class on my Beginning teacher release. Mrs Holemby will be in Kowhai class during this time, the same class timetable and routines wil be followed [...]

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kiwi sport @ Mangonui

Every Thursday and Wednesday Lee Anne comes and works with classrooms as part of the Kiwisport initiative. There are 3 clusters of schools in the Far North that are part of this initiative. It means [...]

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Great Pukekos

Riley, Lara and Kesiah came and shared their amazing writing with the Kowhai class. It was full of detail AND they write indepently!

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