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Term 3 – Week 9 – Fair Play games

Learning Kowhai's Fair Play games Kowhai class have been creating their own fair play games this term and we got to learn them. We had to listen carefully to all the instructions because these were [...]

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Term 3 – Symmetry

Symmetry We have been learning about symmetry and how one side needs to be a reflection of the other side. We used art to help our understanding of this. We folded black and white paper [...]

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Skills in our Community Term 3

Skills in our Community This Term we looked at a wide range of skills that people in our community have for either their job or a hobbie. We practised a lot of different skills like.... [...]

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Term 3 – Drawing Skills

Drawing Skills Over a few weeks Freddy's mum, Amy, came in to show us some of her drawing skills. She set up each table with some different objects. We got to pick which table we [...]

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Term 3 – Week 5 – Junior Master Chef Day

Junior Master Chef Day            Room 1, 2, 3 & 4 had a Master Chef day. We all made something different in the morning and then at lunchtime we brought all the [...]

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Term 3 – Week 3 – Book Week

Book Week Book Week was full of fun activities each day. We had a pyjama day, Author day where we looked at Lynley Dodd and her Hairy Maclary books, An art day where we created [...]

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Celebration Assembly – July

Week 6 – Matariki Learning

Week 6 - Matariki Learning This week to celebrate Matariki we have been making our own cloaks.  We learnt that many chiefs and important people wear their best cloaks during Matariki celebrations. We also learnt [...]

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Week 6 – Hangi Day

Week 6- Hangi Day This year Nga Ringa Awhina's contribution to our Mangonui School's Hangi Day were fruit kebabs. We really enjoyed working up in the Staffroom making fruit kebabs for our Hangi meal. We [...]

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