A few examples from the male tuatara this week.

First two pieces by Awatea

My baby brother is a silent snake,

biting and striking me as quiet as he can,

but also whipping me with his tail

and scratching  me with his fangs.



The Old Playground.

Me, swinging on slippery green monkey bars.

Me, sliding on flying fox.

Me, climbing up the spider web.

These are some of the reasons why I like  playing on the cool playground.  There are green monkey bars, sliders and even spinning monkey  bars. I always go to the old playground when I am bored.


   My Delicate Place .        

I am jumping and running on the stage area . It is really jumpy. Not many people do it. I pound up and down. 

There are the things around the stage area like the dentist and it’s next to Room 6. In front there is Room 5. I like playing four square ball, tiggy and all sorts of games, especially dodge ball. 

When I feel bad I go there and that makes me feel so much better.