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Taonga students are using Book Creator on their iPads

Congratulations to Caitlin, Ella, Lara, Lola, Masy, Te Awa and Zion on the completion of your first e-books. You have all done a wonderful job collaborating together and experimenting with the iPad app Book Creator to create e-books.

By |8th June 2014|Class News, Taonga|2 Comments

100 nights reading

Ka pai Caitlin and Lola on completing 100 nights reading! You are both great reading role models!     Well done also to students that have completed 75 nights reading...   Congratulations also to these [...]

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Wheels Day

:lol:  Wheelie good wheels day!

By |25th May 2014|Class News, General, Taonga|2 Comments

Doubles Rap

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ds5fpsRo7oo Taonga students have been learning their doubles to 20. Check out their YouTube video... what a cool bunch of rappers we have in Taonga Class. Yoooooo!  

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Mangonui School Roll – Record 168 Students

We have just hit the highest amount of students we have had at Mangonui for over ten years - 168 with still another six more students to enrol by the end of the year - [...]

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Week One: It's Spring and we are ready to plant wild flowers, lavender and swan plants to encourage insects, especially bees and Monarch Butterflies into our school grounds.  At this stage it's just dig, dig, [...]

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FunKey Friday: Bird Feeders

The feeders are up and the birds are now not only eating our bird mixture but also munching on  apples and pears. Bird Food for the cups We have used combinations of popcorn, cereal, bird [...]

By |2nd September 2013|Class News, General, Tuatara|0 Comments

FunKEY Friday and Wednesday Sport

  That's me on the beam doing dips. At the end I will fly like a bird.   Julius     Every Wednesday LeeAnne comes to Mangonui School to do P.E. Here we are playing lacrosse. We play [...]

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The wind and rain may have stopped celebration assembly and our parade BUT not our speeches. Four courageous Tuatara stood up in front of the senior school to deliver their speeches about their Book Week [...]

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