Holidays for kids

If you spent your whole year at school you would be so tired. But! If children had holidays they would come back healthy. They would of had time to see their family and go traveling. Most important is to also have some fun.

Children need holidays to fight back colds and tummy bugs when they are sick. They need to keep healthy. Children also need lots of rest so they are not  tired at school. Children need to come back strong and healthy.

So let us have holidays!!!

Children will have time to see their family. Their  parents can help them learn in the holidays. They can build a good relationship between them and their parents and spent time with them.Children will have time to go to fun parks with their family.

So let us have holidays!!!

Children could go traveling around the world and they could try new food and learn new languages.They will be able to see how other people live around the world.

So let us have holidays!!!


I think that kids should get holidays to stay well see their family go traveling and fun.