Imagine a world without holidays. Kids would be walking around like crazed zombies and no one wants that. So that is why kids need holidays.

 Kids need time to relax and get better so when they get back to school they are fresh and can work harder, concentrate and be focused. Kids get tired after ten weeks at school. They get colds, flu, scabies thats why they need holidays.

Kids need time with their family so they can bond with their  family and see new things and learn new things.So when they go back to school they are smart.So thats why kids need holidays.

If kids don’t have time of school and they are struggling at their favorite sports they will not be as good as they think .They will probably lose all their games in that session because the kids couldn’t practice because they had no time off school to practice.So thats why kids need holidays.

So can you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!  give us holidays.