Have a holiday

Can you imagine a world with kids saying 1+1=2 all day long? Do you want your kids to be brain dead? Or do you want your kids to be refreshed and ready for another day at school? I believe that children should have 4 sets of holidays during the school year


If we had no holidays, no holidays at all, I think our teachers will get tired and grumpy like us and may quit. They do not want to be looking after your kids all day long and neither do you. So be fair and let us have holidays!!!


If we had no holidays everyone will be fat because they will not have had enough sport. The only fitness your child will get is cross country!!! So be fair and let us have holidays!!!


If you have family coming from overseas and you haven’t seen them for 5 or 6 years and you really want to see them. Guess what?You can’t because you have to go to school.So let us have holidays!!!


We all know you want holidays why not let us have holidays too!!!