Imagine a world that tasted of rocks or a world where there were no food to give you a buzz. A world without lollies. Is that what you want to live in? I know I don’t.Do you?


After a hard tiring day out don’t you  feel like a little bit of sugar to make you energized and make you feel fresh and new for cleaning up after your kids,? You have to do things like doing the dishes, gardening, laundry. If you have some sweets you feel fine not all grumpy and knackered like you usually do when you clean up. So thats why we need lollies.


If you are just about to play a sport or run you need to be energized.  Otherwise  you will run as slow as a turtle and be puffed in no time and probably not enjoy it. So thats why we need lollies.  


If you are having a birthday party you need lollies or it will  be a disgusting birthday party. You will have to have brocoli on your cake!  Just imagine that! Your friend will probbably leave.So thats why we need lollies.


Lollies are a great thing when you really think about the uses they give you. So thats why we need lollies.