Hi my name is Awatea and I think mining should be banned

 Here are my reasons why?

My first point is the government lets mining company’s mine other peoples land to find minerals.  If you own this land the government will allow mineral tests and removal with or without your permission.  Tests for minerals are made by taking a large sample of land which they will examine and see if there are any valuable minerals.  Even this sample can destroy the purpose of your land and it may kill the environment.  If positive mining will commence this means money for the government but New Zealanders lose what is most precious to them not gold not oil not coal but the land itself.

My other important reason for banning mining is that it is dangerous to the people who do mine, the workers.  Say for example you are in a mine the wooden beams collapse, the ground could fall and cave in and you would die. Mines are cold and damp so you could be very sick a lot.The A major problem when working mines are the poisonous gases found under ground. They are usually highly flameable so when you are blowing up the rocks there is always the chance that the gas will ignite and cause fatal explosions.In the olden days miners would take a caged canary into the mine to see if it died or lived.If it dies that meant there were gaes that made it unsafe. Canaries are very sensitive to gases.

Finally mining scars the land and the environment. The waste or by product from mining  is a hazard. Mining for gold is very toxic it is how people discovered toxic waste. If  mining in or near water it can kill sea life, like oil if there it is a leak or worse it can cause immeasurable cost and damage.

How do you want New Zealand to be in the future even now?

If mining is allowed our country will change into an ugly, toxic waste land

I don’t want that to happen and neither should anyone.

Mining should be banned.