Text Language Should Be NZs 4th Language

 Hi I’m Keira Osborne and today I’m going to be talking about text language should be New Zealand’s 4th language.

Do you know most people use text language more than our 3 other languages like Maori,sign language and some times even English.  So that means it already is a NZ language.

Next I’m going to be talking about spelling. Spelling words correctly is not that important because all you need is to have most of the right the letters to make the word and people can fill in the missing letters when they are reading the texts.  So that means text language is really just shortened words. Plus they really come in handy when you’re a busy mum or dad. Here are some examples.  Do you know what ………… means (then chose someone). Text language is very good for young and old (when you say old point to your teacher).

My last reason is a New Zealand man was the first to climb Mount Everest the tallest mountain the world.  So we should be the first country to allow text language to be our 4th language.

Text language is the language of now and in the future so

New Zealand should lead the world and make it our 4th language.

Thank you for listening to me speech.