Should Text Language Be NZ’s 4th Language???

Imagine back in the days when you had to use long word languages when text language was not even thought of then.Thats why I am going to convince you to use text language.

 One reason is, it is a common way of communication and it is a way of contacting people without having to make a phone call it is much quicker and easier especially for everyday busy lives. You can text people you know as well as businesses and even make appointments via TXT. You can also use symbols like faces, flowers, clouds,food, drinks and so on, Symbols are a cool way to show people how you are feeling or what is happening.

Another reason is you can spell words as they sound and shorten words to just a few letters. For example: TMRW which means tomorrow and TXT which means TEXT, lots of other common TEXT language includes LOL which means Laugh out Loud, BRB which means Be Right Back, OMG which means Oh My Gosh, JK which means just Kidding. So I hope you now all know where i’m heading with this.

The last reason is,texting is world wide, Millions of people think these short word’s are useful to TEXT and write.TEXT language may not be as easy to say when speaking with others but is much easier and quicker when sending a TEXT or an email.

So I have come to a conclusion that now you are all educated on text language, I hope you are now

convinced that text language should be NZ’s 4th language.

 Written By Taylor Thompson-Harris