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Kia Ora my name is Elizabeth Katene and I am the newbie at Mangonui School. I teach the Active Ferns class. These children are a bunch of vibrant learners who love to share what they are learning in class. They will appreciate any feed back you have about their mahi.

The legend of the creation

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Maui and the Goddess of Fire

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Bubbles poem

Bubbles Unbelievable bubbles blowing in the breeze Like little people flying Light, silent, oval, running in the air, colorful, unending fun! Leaving home for a short trip Ohoh Pop! .BY PAIGE .J

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Taipa Bridge by Demitrious

Taipa Bridge I am the man bombing off the bridge. As the water swallowed me, pulls me down to crunch me up. I try again. The bridge, holding me, rail did not let  me go [...]

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The Taipa Jetty by Hunna

The Taipa Jetty                    Dead  sting ray              at the bottom of the             glimmering blue sea              jumping onto the               frittend sprats            Caige slipping off           the high dark pole        Antony pushing me off              the grey jetty             getting cut [...]

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Mangonui Waterfront Festival by Jazmine

Mangonui Day Waterfront Festival. Machines gobbling money Mini Waves sprinting and jumping across. Mighty calm waters. Rackets smashing tennis balls far off into Wonderland. By Jazmine

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Praying mantis by Keira

Praying mantis Elsa the praying mantis was jumping and cheering like crazy when the new fresh daddy long legs arrived. By Keira Osborne.

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Broken Bone Reef

Broken Bone   Crack! My bone went crack at school while swinging on a tree, trying to be a monkey  and Tarzan. My first time in an ambulance. When I got to the hospital  I [...]

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Poem by Rhania

Bright moon running along the sky. Smiling down too earth, While he is running he is dropping little silver, pixie dust. on earth making people happy with joy.. Up rise the sleepy sun, to start [...]

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Rugby by Shaia

Saturday morning got out of bed put on my best shorts. Boot’s  sparkle like the shiny sea they growl “use me, put me on” They dig into the grass like a spade  

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