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Read the following examples of persuasive writing to decide whether school students should have holidays during the year.......Or should there only be Christmas holidays with families taking a mid-year break when it suits their family. [...]

By |25th July 2014|General, Tuatara|1 Comment

Bradley’s Recipe For Cheese Roll-Ups

We made cheese roll-ups according to verbal instructions from our South Island teacher. They were very tasty so now the challenge for us, was to write this experience down as a recipe for others to follow. [...]

By |13th June 2014|General|6 Comments

Tuatara Bake Pikelets.

By |8th June 2014|General, Tuatara|2 Comments

Bike Safety Week

   Bike Day Guess what? On Friday at Mangonui school there was a bike day. This is because we needed to show Constable Rob that we could ride our bikes safely. Some kids brought their [...]

By |8th June 2014|General, Tuatara|0 Comments

Tuatara Swimmers.

   CONGRATULATIONS! Mena and Ruby both qualified for the Mangonui Regional Swimming finals and Ruby was just pipped at the finish line, to come second. Not bad when you are a  Year 3 student in a Year 4 race [...]

By |22nd March 2014|General, Tuatara|Comments Off on Tuatara Swimmers.

Kayaking Tuataras Go Crazy!

SEA WEEK was celebrated in Tuatara with the visit to our local mangroves.                                               [...]

By |7th March 2014|General, Tuatara|0 Comments

Beach Day: Mangonui Style

We love our school  traditions like BEACH DAY. And this photo shows why Beach Day always sends us home with  "A smile on our dial" Our school may be getting bigger but our students still play [...]

By |21st February 2014|General, Tuatara|0 Comments

Tuatara Camp 2014

It's right on our doorstep !!!!! And yet very few of us realised what a wonderful facility the Coopers Beach Christian Camp is. Thank you to all the parents for your incredible support. AND thank [...]

By |19th February 2014|General, Tuatara|3 Comments

Tuatara and Kowhai get FIREWISE

  Both classes listened attentively, as Terry explained "This information will save your life" An escape plan was something students were encouraged to go home and talk about with their parents. Did you remember to [...]

By |20th November 2013|General, Tuatara|0 Comments

Multiplication Stories.

Look at our invented animals and read their mathematical stories.

By |12th November 2013|General, Tuatara|0 Comments