Drawing Skills

Over a few weeks Freddy’s mum, Amy, came in to show us some of her drawing skills.

She set up each table with some different objects. We got to pick which table we sat at and we had to draw the objects that we saw in front of us. We had to think about things that were sitting infront and behind each other and all the fine detail of each object.

P1040241 P1040242 P1040243 P1040244 P1040245 P1040246 P1040247 P1040248 P1040249 P1040250 P1040251 P1040253 P1040254 P1040255 P1040256

We had a practise drawing on newsprint, then used charcol on newspaper, and then we got to do the good copy. Once we had done all the pencil detail, we used black pen to go around the outline and coloured the pictures in with colouring-in pencils. 

Check out some of our first drafts with our final products!


P1040564 P1040565 P1040566 P1040567 P1040568 P1040569