Tuatara are Writers.

 A few examples from the male tuatara this week. First two pieces by Awatea My baby brother is a silent snake, biting and striking me as quiet as he can, but also whipping me with [...]

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Parents helping out at Tuatara

Over the next five weeks six parents from Mangonui School are helping Mr Sedcole and the Tuatara classroom design signs to stop people littering. We have six wonderful parents who have plenty of artist talent [...]

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Awesome Art Work.

This week Tuatara finished the art work they started with Mrs Seddon. This has been an exercise in close observation, and completing  a piece of art over a number of sessions. Tuatara are very proud of [...]

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A Gallery of Camp Photos

These photos are from our lovely camp in Term One. A while back, but I wanted to practise making a gallery. There were too many great photos to share in our old blog site with the traditional layout.... [...]

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Engaged Students

Today in the Tuatara classroom we were learning to make a poster using Polaris Office app on our Samsung Tablets. We learnt to download a picture off the internet and insert it into a slide, [...]

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Visitors Galore to Tuatara.

Three wonderful, informative visits this week from Andrew, one of our super bus drivers and Constable Joe who  talked about bus safety. Our dental therapists, who are treating Tuatara from this week onwards. If you [...]

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Bees Are Fitter Than Tuatara!

Bees make on average, ten 2 kilometre trips per day, to gather nectar. 500 metres from Mangonui School was measured out by Taylor, Rachel and Daemon. How did they measure this........ By car with Linda. [...]

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