A great start to our annual event     Book Week.   Mums, Dads, Aunties, Uncles, and Nanas have helped to start the week off with a BANG!               [...]

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FunKEY Friday Bird Feeders.

  Mr Fox: You Are A STAR. Thanks to Mr Fox, our FunKEY Friday group were able to paint and finish off with a bit of construction to complete the bird house-shaped feeders. Next time [...]

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Term Three: Narratives

Only one week and we've started our narratives already. The plans are complete with the plot mapped out and the first page started. The first page introduces the characters and gives important background information. Tuatara [...]

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Celebration Assembly – July

Harlen and Karli: Local Bee Keepers.

                        Bee Keepers Wear White: A natural enemy of Bees is the BEAR. Bee keepers DON'T make the mistake of wearing dark clothing. This was [...]

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Dancing Bees. E aha ana koutou? What are you doing?

E kanikani matou. We are dancing                              to send messages to the other bees about pollen and nectar E mahi ana matou. [...]

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Exploding Milk.

BOOM! Boom the milk exploded into a star. Yesterday our writing group went to the staff room again.   First we put milk on a plate. Then we poured in four different food colourings, red [...]

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Maths, Matariki, Games and a Shared Hangi:

 What a superb day. Wednesday started off with Mason's mum and some classmates baking fried bread for the hangi. At 11 o'clock parents, aunties and grandparents joined us for a maths morning. The focus was [...]

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The Writers’ Group.

Our writers' group are spending an extra 40 minutes most mornings working to improve their writing style. So far we have concentrated on the overall structure: Having a clear beginning, middle and ending. AND look [...]

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Lavender Makes You Sleepy.

After morning tea we had two visitors called Rixt and Kokopita. They came to our class to make lavender balm. It was fun. I feel like doing it again. I liked making lavender balm. First [...]

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